Arts & Crafts Shop

Being an arts and crafts studio, La Vaqueria Gift Shop is very arty and crafty!

The Shop has a large selection of original hand crafted and painted gifts and accessories ...many of which may be personalized to your taste.

Su's unique range of jewellery is also on display and she is frequently on hand to answer your queries.

The Shop also stocks crafting materials for adults and children, many of which are not available elsewhere in Spain and some traditional Moroccan crafts which she has enjoyed bartering for!

Arts, Crafts & Gifts

The Arts, Crafts & Gifts range from small and inexpensive to some larger pieces, which are priced accordingly.The majority have been made or decorated by Su herself.

Many of the crafts are taught in the various classes so some of the students sell their work here too, as do local artists from time to time.

Personalised Gifts & a large Range of Craft Products

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for you may commision a work or quite often it is possible to have an existing piece personalised to give you that extra special finishing touch that you were hoping for.

And of course no gift and souvenir shop would be complete without a good selection of greetings cards; both hand made and prints of Su’s work are on sale in the shop.

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